The T.W.L.U.M Teens Project is currently comprised of 3 programming components that focus on building the skills our future leaders will need to be successful. Our ultimate goal at T.W.L.U.M is to pro­vide supe­rior edu­ca­tional and career pro­grams to young peo­ple from under­served and under­rep­re­sented com­mu­ni­ties to max­i­mize their oppor­tu­ni­ties for col­lege and career success.

TWLUM Teens Project incorporate the planning of activities, fellowship and guest speakers. The Speakers provide educational information on a variety of topics such as  Drug Awareness,  Personal Finance, Etiquette, Employment, ACT and/or SAT preparation
workshops, Inspirational/Motivational Speakers, etc.


College Tours occur with the focus being on exposing our youth to the various options within higher education.  


Trips for Education and Exposure for the youth. These trips are for the participants to learn about businesses, their community/ environment and their state in addition to exposing them to safe and fun activities outside of their community. These trips also allow for the youth to practice skills learned and apply knowledge gained from what they have received through the monthly meetings from the leaders, guest speakers and workshops.



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